Winter volleyball at pinnacle is finally here!

Well. Well. Well.


Look what we have here.

‘‘Twas the morning before volleyball when all through the gym. Not a player was serving, all the lights are dim.”

Actually, you know what, we just can’t…

We can’t do a Christmas reference while there is still Halloween candy in our cabinet.


We can give you all of the spicy deets for indoor session 1!

All aboard the Summit Sports and Social locomotive with some locomotives, that’s right baby, we are talking crazy.

Where is it? 
Pinnacle Sports – 313 Medina Rd, Medina, OH 44256. Click on the map below for directions from your locations!

When is it?!
Schedules are posted HERE. Please note – there’s a separate sheet for Monday’s schedule and standings and one for the Tuesday/Thursday league schedule and standings. Thursday league starts on 11/4 and the Monday and Tuesday leagues start next week!

Wait, but I’ve never been there before…
Us either! Here are some helpful wayfinding graphics.

Click the above photo for detailed photos/directions of the 4 courts!

What is the format:
The match format is 21-21-15.

Click the above photo for detailed photos/directions of the 4 courts!

Do we have time to warm up?
Great question. Indoor will be running ON TIME this year and we will get a little psychotic about it. Matches are allowed 1 hour of court time. Included in that hour is a 10-minute warm-up. Teams not ready to play will lose 1 point per minute, after 15 minutes the entire set is forfeited. The moral of the story- be on time and ready to play.

Payment is due in full by week 2. We accept all methods of payment including cash, checks, credit cards + Venmo. We received a “team reservation payment” from most of the teams, and some have paid in full already. We will have a sheet to let you know of your team’s balance if you have any questions.

We will provide game balls, please bring your own balls to warm up and do not rummage through our stuff. DO NOT TOUCH OUR DRUM SET!

First time playing in our leagues:
We are happy to have you! Please don’t be a jerk to other participants and let us know how we can improve. We strive to make a fun and competitive environment for everyone and ask for everyone to act like an adult. Do you want to act like a silly goose? We will put you in the pond!

That’s all for now. If you still have any questions, just let us know!

-Andrew & Logan