session 1 SUMMER 2022: SAND VOLLEYBALL in Akron!


What’s new?

Let’s see what’s happening in the world…

For you folks into nature, the construction cones are marking their annual migration up route 8 to the 77 Interchange. Nervous you’ll miss it? Don’t worry it’ll last for the next 8 months and will impact every single day of your life.

For the free speech crowd, a billionaire bought Twitter and will champion all efforts of free speech. That’s really great and important! What’s nice about this is that billionaires have never done anything wrong so we all totally trust this altruism.

For the Cleveland sports fanatics. You know what’s nice, every time you fill up your gas tank you are spending more money than the ownership group on this team. Be your own boss baby!

Do you sense undertones of salt in our writing? Go to a doctor you shouldn’t just be smelling salt right now.

We are salty because Mother Nature has been an uncompromising harlot and won’t allow us to just have a hot volleyball summer.


Just like our rust belt roots, we will fight to the death for the things we love a demand an artisanal cocktail somewhere with a garage door after a game of sand volleyball. We are such a strong generation.

And that’s what you all will get!

Wow-what an intro. Very grandiose and long-winded.

It’s who we are as a business and we won’t apologize so buckle up and get the spicy deets.

All leagues start this week!


League Schedules: 
Please note that for Tuesday and Thursday leagues that have 18 teams, there will be some weeks where you don’t have doubleheaders, but you do have them for the vast majority of the league. Each league is essentially broken down into two 8 or 9 team divisions – we do this so that there are never 2+ hour gaps between games.

For Friday league, there may be a 1 game gap between when you play, but we double-checked the schedule to ensure there is no more than ~50 minutes of downtime between matches for you. We may adjust this schedule slightly once we have a better understanding of the 2’s tournament schedule that is also taking place on Fridays, but for now, the schedule will remain as it is.


All matches will be 21,21,15 and will run on time. There will be a maximum of 5 minutes to warm up and then games will start. We suggest arriving early with your cool little massage guns and stretchy bands and oil your old and broken bones.

Andrew, Logan, or Caleb will be around to collect scores after matches and standings will be updated regularly. We have a great new University of Akron intern named Thomas starting in mid-May, so eventually, he’ll be a familiar face to collect the scores. We only count the total number of wins or losses, not the actual match scores. For example, if you played 3 matches and won 2 out of 3, we only need to know that you won 2/3. Total wins over the entire season will be tracked on the standings tab and will determine playoff seeding.

The remainder of your league dues is due by week 2. Teams who have paid in full are labeled on the schedule in green. We accept cash, checks, Venmo, and any major credit card. Each team payment includes 6 shirts for the 6’s league and 4 shirts for the 4’s league. If you want an extra shirt, they are $10 per extra.

We have them and you want them. Our premier sponsors for Session 1 are Hard Mule Seltzer, R Shea Brewery, and Missing Falls Brewery. We will be hosting some in-person events at the breweries throughout this season, but please stop by before/after you play. If you mentioned that you are with our leagues, you get food/drink specials. Remember, you have to mention to the server that you are with Summit Sports & Social to get the discount.

  • Missing Falls
    • Dine-in
      $1 off your first pint
      $1 off your first pizza
    • Take Out 
      $1.00 off 32oz Crowler
      $1.00 off your first pizza & $2 off 4-pack 16oz beer
  • R. Shea
    • Dine-in = $20 PIZZA + PITCHER SPECIAL:
      Includes a regular pizza (cheese, sausage, or pepperoni) and pitcher special for $20 (+$3 for a specialty pizza).
      The pitcher will be one of the core beers: Moscow Mule, R.Shea Light, Downtown Nut Brown, Towpath’n Pale Ale, West Coast Citra IPA, Hop Getaway, and 3 Legends.
    • Take Out: You can do 1 pizza (cheese, sausage, or pepperoni) + 1 Growler Fill of our core beers for $20.

There are also to-go beer discounts available, so you can grab a 4 or 6-pack and bring it over to the courts!

How do I get to the courts?
Our Google listing will take you to our office at Canal Place, so we recommend inputting the address for R. Shea or Missing Falls Brewery in your GPS, then follow the smokestacks.

Can I bring a sub on a week when our team is short?
Yes, subs are allowed in the league. We kindly request that they fill out the same team email/waiver/t-shirt form HERE. Subs must play on your team 3 TIMES during the regular season to be eligible to play during playoffs.

Glass bottles are not allowed down at the court to prevent broken glass. Aluminum and plastic are acceptable, but please use our recycling/trash cans if you bring any snacks/beverages down to the courts!


  • Rain = play
  • Torrential downpour: We will make the call the day of (social media + email if needed)
  • Lightning/thunder: cancel/delay

If you are playing and hear a megaphone siren, go to your cars to wait for our word.

T-shirts: Once we have herded the final cat, we will have our shirts ready to roll. We hope to have them ready by week 3.

Let us know if you have any questions!

-Andrew & Logan