Spring 2020

Sand volleyball

registration is live!

There is a ton to not like in the world right now. 

We might be nearing a global pandemic because someone decided to drink too much…

It’s a leap year but does anyone really even care about one extra day in February?

The Indians are going to trade Lindor and we all know it but won’t admit it.



We are here to bring a little light into your life and make you think of better times.

Oh boy, is this really the post about sand volleyball sign-ups? You bet your ghostly pale behind it is!

Wait, but there’s still snow on the ground, why are we talking about sand volleyball?


Ok please stop yelling…

Alright, so let’s dive right in.

Below and through links, you will find the sign-ups for Sand Session 1. The sign-ups are broken down by the night of the week with the corresponding skill level. All we need from your team is for the captain to click on the links below and fill out the form. It’s that simple. We will be starting the leagues on 4/20/2020 and will be updating everyone with more details as leagues fill up. Each league will get a minimum of 10 matches, there will be the possibility of doubleheader leagues based on sign-ups/demand.

Ok, so I’ve never played in your leagues before but I’ve heard you guys are pretty sweet and I’m interested. What makes you different from the other leagues around town?

First off, thank you so much for the compliment.

Here’s how we are different: 

  • Everyone gets a t-shirt for session 1. The shirts are high quality, soft, breathable, and you’ll actually want to wear them!
  • Now get this, we actually communicate to our participants about what the hell is happening so you aren’t left in the dark.
  • Our courts are brand new and don’t flood. If it rains, we don’t have to cancel. If we do cancel, we will actually tell you we are canceling
  • Our participants are the best people in Summit County, and you will make great new friends.
  • Our playlists are straight fire and even if you are terrible at volleyball, you will have an absolute blast dancing in the sand.
  • Oh yeah, our location. We are conveniently located on the towpath trail and directly across from two brand new amazing breweries (Missing Falls & R. Shea).

SO, with all that being said. Here we go, please see the format below for Sand Session 1 and fire away!

Day: Monday
League Format: Co-Ed Sand 6’s (Minimum of 2 girls)
Skill Level: BB. Players in this league understand all aspects of the game and rules, have a solid foundation of passing, setting, and hitting, understand defensive positioning, and have multiple years of experience playing the sport.
League Times: 6pm-9pm
League Dues: $360 per team
Registration: CLICK HERE

Day: Tuesday
League Format: Co-Ed Sand 6’s (Minimum of 2 girls)
Skill Level: B. Players in this league vary in skill level but should all have a core understanding of the rules and a baseline understanding of the skills. This league is perfect for moderately experienced players who are looking to get better and become well-rounded participants.
League Times: 6pm-9pm
League Dues: $360 per team
Registration: CLICK HERE

Day: Wednesday
League Format: Co-Ed Sand 4’s
Skill Level: BB/A. This will be the most competitive league offered this summer is reserved for highly competitive players. This league is reserved for players who understand traditional 4’s rules or for experienced players who have the skills to compete on a high level while operating under traditional 4’s rules.
League Times: 6pm-9pm
League Dues: $200 per team
Registration: CLICK HERE

Day: Thursday
League Format: Co-Ed Sand 6’s (Minimum of 2 girls)
Skill Level: Rec level. This league is all about FUN and LEARNING. This league is absolutely perfect for new players who want to start playing or for company teams comprised of players with varying levels of skill. Our rec league is a riot, it is a wonderful opportunity to get into the sport and meet some really wonderful people.
League Times: 6pm-9pm
League Dues: $360 per team
Registration: CLICK HERE

Free agents: Are you a loner? Don’t have any friends? All of your friends are on the fence about volleyball and won’t commit to playing with you?

Perfect. We have a spot for you. If you are an individual looking to placed on a team, fill out the form below and we will try our hardest to get you on a squad. We can’t make promises, but we’ve had a great placement rate in the past.


It may still be cold outside, but these leagues will fill quickly, so get your squad together and sign up as soon as you can. We will be reaching out to captains and free agents in the coming weeks to update you on the next steps leading into April.

Also, stay tuned for a potential Friday night league announcement as well as our Spring/Summer 2020 tournament schedule.

Thanks, and we look forward to playing with you all soon!

-Andrew & Logan

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