New Indoor Home = More Sports, More Friends, More Fun!


Buckle Up…

The times they are a-changin’…

First off, before we change the landscape of our business, we need to address something that is incredibly important to us. 


Yes, you, you beautiful and incredible human you. 

You mean so much to us that sometimes it stops us dead in our tracks. You are allowing us (Andrew and Logan) to live out a literal dream of ours. Your participation, input, laughter, anger, annoying IG dm’s, funny comments, non-net calls, kickball fights, have all intertwined into this positively glorious social venture and community asset for Summit Sports & Social. You stuck with us through a sandbox behind a baseball stadium, kickball in dog parks, and late-night leagues at Goodyear Gym. For all of this, we are eternally and exceptionally grateful that you have chosen to spend your time with us.

See, we can write heartfelt things, too. Also. our grammar and spelling, are, always-perfect so STOP commenting about it. 

 Although we always wanted this to be a full-time effort, Summit Sports was only a part-time dream for the last 6 years. 

Until now…

Earlier this month, we were approached by the new ownership of Pinnacle Sports, namely Keri Sarver. Keri is a former professional soccer player and an all-around badass woman, coach, and entrepreneur. To make a long email somewhat shorter, Keri offered a forever home for Summit Sports & Social at Pinnacle Sports and roles for Andrew and Logan to become an integral part of the new leadership team. We accepted. So here we are…

What does that mean for you moving forward? 

We will be moving our indoor programming to Pinnacle Sports. Our indoor volleyball leagues will now be hosted here, along with tournaments, clinics, and open gyms. We will also be expanding our offerings to everything under the sun. Do you want an indoor kickball league? You got it. Basketball? Oh yeah, it’s possible now. Ultimate frisbee, you betcha! Do you have kids that want to start taking classes from some of the best coaches in the region? Come on in. Do you need gym space for your annual LARPING event? We will grab a mase and do battle with you. 

To be clear, everything will still run under Summit Sports and Social, we just now have a home with a much bigger rec room. Sand doesn’t change, we aren’t leaving downtown in the summers and will have plenty of outdoor programming coming down the pipeline.

We are currently retrofitting the space and intend to make major improvements over the next forever to serve all community and sports needs of the region. If you have any ideas, thoughts, or questions, please send them our way!

We know many of you have been anxiously awaiting the indoor volleyball league details and registrations, so we wanted to give you an update.

For indoor session 1, this is what we have. Leagues will begin at the end of October with sign-ups to be sent out later this week or early next. As it stands now, this is what we will be offering for session 1. Please get your squad ready, we anticipate another packed session when we unleash these registration forms for teams and free agents. Specific dates/times coming soon, but we anticipate these following similar times like previous years. 

Monday Evenings: 
Recreation League
B league
BB League

Tuesday Evenings:
Women’s League & Men’s League (BB/A Level)

B Leagues
BB Leagues
Possible REVCO Leagues

Again we really want to thank YOU and we’re excited to embark on this new journey with the great community that Summit Sports & Social has become. We’re confident this major evolution will bring you more sports, more friends, and most importantly – more fun!

-Andrew & Logan