Are you surviving this heat? We surely are not.

Want to have a little fun while the earth burns around us?

Go find a fussy middle-aged man.

Make sure he has all of the trappings of a classic dad. We are talking the jorts, the high white socks, a brown braided belt with a t-shirt tucked in. Oh yeah, you know that man.

Ask him how he’s handling the heat. We will put our lives that he will say:  “Boy, it sure is a scorcher out there” …Dads LOVE calling hot days a scorcher.

Dad’s love a scorcher and we love a clever transition into why we are spamming your inboxes. Kickball, this is a kickball email.

That’s right you sweaty little try-hard, we are ready to get back at it kicking some grass. See we even threw (that counts as a pun) another pun to boot (that also counts as a pun)…

Here is what we have for your fine folks.

Sport: Co-Ed Kickball
Location: Soccer Fields at Copley Road
Dates: July 19th- September 13th
Match Times: 6:05, 6:55pm, and 7:45pm (could switch week to week)
Minimum Roster size: 12
Cost per player: $75 (includes t-shirt)
Minimum games played: 7
Skill level: JV and Varsity

Those are the high notes. The league is quite simple. We will be hosting kickball leagues at the very pretty and very well-maintained soccer fields on Copley Road. As long as we have enough teams, we will break up the leagues into JV (less competitive) and Varsity (more competitive) so there is fun for the whole family. The leagues will be co-ed where teams will have to field a minimum of 4 ladies every week. League dues include 7 games, umpire dues, and a super killer soft t-shirt with matching color for your squad!

Let’s talk about competition level-

JV: You are out there to have fun. The last time you played kickball was somewhere in between 4th and 5th period while you were going through your awkward 8th grade phase. The 8th graders have been really mean lately and you are getting super nervous about your trip to Washington D.C. Who will you room with? Do they really tape the doors there? What if Becky really is secretly mad at me?

Varsity: Do you think that you are the king/queen of the mountain? You see a mountain and you just got up there and climb it. Bunts? Oh yeah I bunt. High level strategy? Yep. Shameless about using all of the team’s resources to manufacture runs. Oh yeah, you are mad about the speed of my pitching!? GROW UP