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In July of 2018, we first toured the site that is quickly becoming our new home, The Canal Courts. Tucked away between the Towpath Trail and large buildings that were the former home to the B.F. Goodrich Tire Company, we saw a lot of overgrown weeds, concrete, and broken windows. However, more than anything, we saw potential. The space itself is close to 100,000 square feet and has both room for our main sand volleyball courts, as well as spacious greenspace and parking/flexible space.

We are also installing a gate on the Towpath Trail side, so that bike riders can stop by to watch or play some sand volleyball just about anytime.

The perimeter of the courts, measuring over 85 feet by 193 feet will house 4 brand new sand volleyball courts. One the largest challenges at our old location behind Canal Park near Lock 2 was drainage. Those courts were built overtop rubble from a demolition in the early 1990’s, so whenever it rained, the water remained stagnant, sometimes for days after.

Our courts are being built overtop a large concrete block that empty into a catch basin. Six by Sixes (specially treated railroad ties) will surround the courts, and at the bottom layer will be several rows of large drainage pipes.

There will be a layer of gravel on top of the pipes covered with a light fabric specifically made to drain water properly and evenly for a gigantic sandbox such as ours. On top ot the gravel will be 7-9 inches of premium beach volleyball sand.

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The sand continues to roll in, 25 tons at a time!

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Over the past few weeks, the Lewis Landscaping team in collaboration with other subcontracted partners, are preparing the area to be completed as soon as possible. Just today, the concrete was poured for the two light posts that will keep us well lit into the later evening matches.

Although we still do not have an official start date or opening day, we’re confident that the courts will be ready very soon. Follow along on the progress by following our Instagram (@summitsportsandsocial) story titled “New Courts”. We can’t wait to play with everyone at this awesome new spot!

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