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So Kickball, right? 

Yep, this is the update for the Kickball league sign-ups and we are thrilled to announce that we are partnering with the City of Cuyahoga Falls and will be holding Co-Ed Kickball leagues at WaterWorks Park this summer. 

Wait, wait, wait…THE Cuyahoga Falls? The city that is overhauling its downtown and committed to providing its residents with awesome outdoor recreation and entertainment? The same city that is making a serious effort to level up and become an awesome place to live and play? Oh yeah, that city baby!


So here are the details explained as if you are blowing up our DMs with questions: 

Hey 🙂 You guys are so handsome ; )
Aww thanks, we get that a lot!

Can you tell me more about kickball??
Sure, what do you want to know?

When does it start? 
The leagues will start on June 2nd and take place every Wednesday evening throughout this summer.

What nights of the week is it?  
Wednesday Evenings – we literally just told you that!

Where is Water Works Park? 
Waterworks Park is in Cuyahoga Falls. Specifically, 2025 Munroe Falls Ave, Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221.

What time will my team play?  
Your team will begin playing between 6 pm – 9 pm depending on the total number of teams registered. 

How long is the season? 
7 weeks + 2 weeks of playoffs. (We will also build in a rain-out week)

How many people per team? 
12 people minimum per team. 

Do we get any sweet gear? 
Absolutely, all teams are provided with t-shirts for each player. Our Marquis t-shirt sponsor for this session is Presper Financial Architects, and we’ll tell you more about their great organization in future communications. 

How much does it cost? 
$60 per player, paid in full as a team. We accept cash, checks, and credit cards.

Could you tell me exactly what you mean by Co-Ed? 
Sure! So it’s actually pretty simple. There will be 10 players on the field during a game, out of those 10 players- a minimum of 4 women will need to be playing the field. Out of those 4 women, 2 women must be playing in the infield when fielding. The moral of the story, you will need 4 women on your team to play a game without forefiting. 

So those are the big talking points, right? Let’s bring it home with a few more loose ends here…

  • All games will be umpired (umpire fees are included in your league dues!)
  • Games are 7 innings (1-hour time slot)
  • We will be partnering with local restaurants and breweries for pre and post-game food and beverage specials 
  • This league is for all skill levels, new players/company teams/any, and everybody is encouraged to play at a fun and/or competitive level.

Ok, I’m ready, now what?
We need your team captain to register your squad using THIS FORM. Once your captain registers, you will have a team spot reserved. We expect this league to fill quickly. Once the league is full, we will reach out to captains with further details, scheduling, rules, and a form to collect your t-shirt size!

Our goal for this league is to make this approachable and fun for all participants. We always encourage our teams to be competitive, but we have zero tolerance for jerks or people who fight with umpires. 

Hold on a second, I don’t have a team put together or a captain. What about me?
We have successfully filled teams with new friends through our free-agent forms. If you are riding solo but looking for Wednesday weekly fun, please FILL OUT THIS FREE AGENT FORM. We will do our best to place you on a team.

Ok, that’s all we have for now. Get yourself and your teams ready, and we’ll update you with additional information soon!


-Andrew & Logan


Can i kick it? Yes, you can.